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The use of materials

The use of materials


The main materials used in production processes differ according to the business sector:

  • for the Companies in the Environment segment, the most important resources are incoming waste for production of compost and electricity,
  • thermoelectric plants, managed by Acea Produzione, use fossil fuels (natural gas and gas oil) for the production of electricity,
  • for the electricity distribution process, managed by Areti, a primary component is sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) used in medium and high-voltage plants for its high insulating capacity, which allows use of less space,
  • Companies in the water segment use significant quantities of chemical products, which are essential for the management of processes,
  • Acea Energia and the water Companies responsible for the management of commercial aspects use paper for billing customers.

Our projects

Water intake of panel of suppliers monitored

To raise awareness along the supply chain of the importance of safeguarding water resources, the Sustainability Planning & Reporting Unit, with the support of the Procurement and Logistics function, asked a panel of suppliers, for the first time in 2020 and on an experimental basis, to also provide data on water intake, divided by process and civil uses. 33 suppliers out of 79 suppliers invited to replied to the section on water resources, corresponding 40% of the total expenditure of the Acea Group for procurements of goods, services and labour. Water intake by suppliers in 2020 equalled 14,344 m3, divided into 9,543 m3 for industrial uses and 4,802 m3 for civil uses. The intention is to proceed with this activity, monitoring data and continuing to raise awareness around the issue.