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"2020 Highlights"

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Letter to Shareholders

The year ended 31 December 2020 was made historic year by the spread of a pandemic that has not only overwhelmed the whole of the human race in terms of health, but has unbalanced much that was thought to be unshakeable. Our company faced the crisis with an extraordinary response which deserves to be read beyond the numbers represented here, but which are also an expression of the commitment made. This effort, combined with our financial strength and the strength of our operating businesses allowed us, despite the situation, to achieve results that grew compared to the previous year.
The Chief Executive Officer
Giuseppe Gola

The Chairperson
Michaela Castelli


Financial Highlights

  • Consolidated revenues
  • EBIT
  • Income before tax
  • Net results of the Group
  • Investments


Corporate Highlights

Business units

Operating Segments

Acea's macro structure is organised in corporate functions and six operating segments: Water, Networks, Commercial and Trading,Overseas and Engineering and Services.
With regard to the operating segments, the activities of each of them are reported below.